ZooGaia is a cautionary tale, a fable, describing the effects of a world run amok. It is the first book of the Zoogaia trilogy that describes a world dominated by a lost patriarchy. Aurora, a teenage avatar, is confronted by the pain and distress of earth’s precious creatures being killed slowly by man’s greed and ignorance. Aurora leads the charge on shifting the literal and mythic landscape of Gaia, our own Mother Earth. Along with the help of the animals living everywhere on the landscape of Gaia’s this our ancient and beautiful world, Aurora’s attempts to usher in a new and sane age creates an adventure story that both shocks and gives hope.<br>
Author Timothy J. Tate is a man of the mountains. He lives in a high country valley in Montana surrounded by mountain ranges. Yellowstone National Park is ninety miles away. Deer, bear and occasionally mountain lion wander through his town. He apprenticed with indigenous Native Americans in the old rituals of fasting, sweat lodges, and sun dances. Timothy’s solo backpacking adventures into the wilderness have revealed many of Nature’s secrets to him. He loves life and its mysteries! Timothy is also renewed by music, hosting a weekly radio show featuring indie music. He is an archetypal therapist and has a private counseling practice that helps people go deep into their unconscious. Timothy loves living in his passive solar-powered home with his wife Susan and their two cats Clancy and Coco. Often they are joined at home by their two adult children Bryan and Abbey, and their grandchildren Brynn and Erika. Events Blog Download Zoogaia by Timothy J Tate